Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Future-Proof Yourself

in a time of chaos

a short book.... designed to share recent experiences and help people prepare for change, be ready for change, and to move faster when needed to pastures new. and when its best, to move to pastures they have created themselves

this book is for vincent, and all the children in the world.
we are the future, and together we can achieve absolutely anything.


1. education

2. passion

3. networking


5. next...

1. education

its your responsibility. make it a priority

look at your cv. what does it say. what do you want it to say.

move it all down, and add now what you want in 1 or 3 years

skills - what do you have, what do you need

experiences - what have you, what do you want?

2. passion

find and follow your passion. work at something that is your passion, and it ceases to be work. live abroad, and it seems like a holiday

try many things until you find it.

talk to people with passion

3. networking




world at large

find the right people for you, add value to them. netweave/ pass it foward.

never need another job advert if you know where your next role is to be found directly

start in the sandpit.

give your kids the rules. share. be polite. use the rules. set expectations - ie: we'll go in 5 minutes. never just grab them and run, they will rebel. you will get stressed. negotiate and empower your kid - let them get to 7 minutes! they decided when to leave! expect them to negotiate everyting else as well though!

4. happiness

find what makes you happy. do more of it. build the + in the + bank. prepare + to counter -

be happy. share it.

define it, measure it, compare it, increase it.

5. next

join a group of steaming foxes. find and follow your passion. explore your happiness. build bonds for mutual success. get further, faster.

pre-requisites for attending:-

- last 3 books you read, 3 people you would like to meet.

- Q&A

- Imagine your Future

- draft version for your GOST

contact:- nigel(at)


1. attitude

how was your day? fine?

was it fine, did you choose to say fine, or did you just reply from habit?

fine is a 5. crap is a 1, and fantastic is a 10.

lets say there is only 1 and 10. which day would you choose?

choose your day, and have the day you choose!

2. visualisation

how is the weather? fantastic, the sky is blue.!

having been lucky enough to fly above the clouds, i know the sun is shining there above the fluffy white stuff. thats where i choose to live, whatever is going on around me.


Blogger nige said...

future-proof your grandchildren !

3:27 AM  
Blogger Csaba said...

Dear Lester, I mean Nigel :)

The things you wrote resonate inside me deeply. Most of them I try to follow with more or less passion. Thanks for writing them down in this natural way!

Hope to talk to you soon.


1:41 AM  
Blogger ConfidentQueen said...

Great article and thanks for sharing.

7:34 AM  
Blogger christa barbara asal said...

well it sounds like the happiness nlp trainings bandler did develop lately but sounds nice :-)

4:25 AM  

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